Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sliding Board

Just some cute pictures of Rileigh playing on the slide after the Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt

We took Rileigh to her first Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Our homeowner's association had one for the neighborhood which was very nice. Rileigh wasn't quite sure what was going on at first, but once she realized there were eggs involved, she started to enjoy herself. She even enjoyed eating the jelly beans once the hunt was over.

The Laundry Basket

Rileigh has decided that the laundry basket is a fun thing to play with. She will climb inside and then Rob and I push her around. We lift her up and pretend she is flying as well. Why do we waste our money on toys?? The other night, she decided she was going to try to sleep in the basket. It was hilarious!

Coloring Eggs

We got together and colored eggs on Friday night. Rileigh had a great time, but made a HUGE mess. By the time we were done, she and I both had dyed hands! We were pretty impressed because this year Gookie even colored a few eggs. I can't ever remember him doing that. :-) Notice the pictures of Dustin and Gookie...they have the same expressions in both.


Last weekend we had a cookout at my Aunt Brenda's house. It was a beautiful day so needless to say, Rileigh enjoyed being able to be outside. She was able to show her artistic skills by coloring with sidewalk chalk. I didn't think we would get her away from there. Rileigh has really started to love coloring in the last couple of weeks.

Our House Guest

We have been keeping Dustin's cat, Magnus, for a little over a week. He and Oscar have bonded nicely. They play well together and enjoy napping together. However, they do fight over the spots of sun. Rileigh has enjoyed having Magnus here to play with as well.

Pappy's Hat

This is just a cute picture I found of Rileigh wearing Pappy Burger's hat. She thought she was hot stuff!!